Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More items for Yard Sale In May

Hi There!
I'm making a few more items for the Yard Sale/Craft Show in May at our local High School...did extremely well there last year, so hoping that this year will be as successful!

These are magnetic clothespins that have been covered with various ribbons! SO EASY! But were really big sellers this past holiday. Since I use a ultra strong magnet - I have one on my frig and it hold about 10 sheets of paper - they aren't really good for small kids.

I still need to finish the packaging on them....think I will put them in a bag with a topper. Will sell them in sets of 4 again. If you are interested, check out my ArtFire studio HERE.

I have a ton more colors...but this is all I had pix of! Will post more if I get them uploaded soon.
I do sell another type of clothespins that are embellished quite a bit more - button, felt flowers, bows etc. I will get a few of those completed soon too. Stay tuned!

Get my magnets online HERE. They are super strong! I had to change my adhesive to that stinky E600 stuff because the magnet kept pulling off!

Thanks for looking -

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  1. These are a cute and simple craft. I'm going to try to make a few. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing!


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