Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Volleyball Tourney!

Hi There!
I have been so busy with my daughter's volleyball that I haven't done much else in the last few weeks. BUT...they are finally done! They came in 3rd in the Gold Bracket at Regionals this past weekend! Basically that means that they are the 3rd place team in the OVR (11 and under) region which is OH and No. KY - this region has hundreds of teams too! We are so proud!

Anyhoo....got a flip this past week for Mother's Day and my birthday...so took it to the tournament to practice with....here is a very quick video from this weekend!

That's my girl (#4) with the killer spike! And that's all the Volleyball Moms screaming! Sorry! I need to learn how to do all of that editing still.... :(

Thanks for taking a peek at my blog today....I promise that I will be back soon with more crafty stuff!

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