Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Pendants

Hi there!
I am running out the door to Volleyball practice, but wanted to post a few more pendants that I finished last night.


Don't forget that all my pendants are available for $10.00 to my blog friends! That includes your choice of chain/ribbon and shipping! Email me for more information: or you can go ahead and check out with the PayPal option by clicking on the below button! Just remember to let me know which pendant and chain you would like!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Pendants...this time they are Glass!

Hi there!
Sorry I have been so lacking in my posts! You would think that since I am staying at home now, I would get a lot more done! RIGHT! Not sure how I got everything done before and worked a full-time job! I used to really have a I am just a Volleyball Mom shuffling my daughter back and forth to Club Practice or tournaments every weekend! :)

Anyhoo....still playing around with the pendants....but made a significant change recently. I decided to ditch the Scrabble Tiles and work with Glass! Why you ask? Well....a few reasons, but mostly I just like the size (1" square) and the looks of the glass pendants better! The characteristics of the glass make your images really pop!

So...without any delay, here are a few of the ones that I have left. I put them on eWillow (check out my sidebar on the right) and eBay just to see what they would do, and I sold out! I also have an 11 year old that LOVES quite a few are just disappearing! They are still listed on both sites if you want to take a look there as well. I will be working on some Easter ones soon but kind of missed out on Valentine's Day.....

If you are interested in purchasing them, just drop me an email! They are $10.00 for my blog friends - that includes a chain/ribbon of your choice and shipping within the US. I am working on a few with baby pictures for some of my friends - and let me just say = TOO CUTE!

Coming Soon:
More Twilight - oh yea!
Teacher's Rock
Peace Signs
Inspirational Words
Ohio State - Of Course!
And many more that I can't think of right now

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

Hi There! And Happy New Year!

I took a well deserved break from blogging and now I'm ready to get back into the groove of being crafty!

I have been working on a completely new adventure for me these last couple of weeks! I know, I I need ANOTHER hobby - right? Well.....I have dabbled in jewelry and beading off and on...even gave away all of my beads a few months ago, and decided to focus on papercrafts. THEN I found something that I wanted to start making! So, back to one of my favorite resources for handmade things - ETSY! I am by no means the first person to make these......there are plenty of ideas out there for you to check out.

So? Are you ready to see what I have been doing.........wait for it........wait for it..........

Here is one of my very first SCRABBLE TILE PENDANTS!

These little pendants are made from recycled scrabble game tiles! They are so much cuter in real life! I have been going like crazy on these things. You can use so many different images on them: pictures of your kids, images purchased on the web, scrapbook paper, stamped images....the options are endless. If you can re-size your image to 0.83" x 0.75" you are good to go! These also have a jewelry grade clear resin on top that gives the pendant the "domed" kind of look and puts a really strong protective glaze on them as well. Lastly, they have a silver plated bail attached for the chain or ribbon. I have been using 22" silver ball chains and 18" ribbon/chords for my necklaces. You could also attach the pendant to a very strong magnet and put them on your frig!

Stayed tuned...I am working all of the kinks out of my process and will upload more pix as I get them completed! Since these are very time consuming, they are taking me a while to complete...but they are so fun!

Thanks for looking!
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