Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Nugget Tins

Hi There -
Another quick post today...getting ready to watch the Bengals and "Squeelers" game! WHO DEY!
Couple more Nugget tins for you! Look at the previous post for more information and supplies....
Drop me a line if you have a specific question :

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Christmas Nugget Tins

Hi there!
Just a quick post today before my friends come over to "play" in my craft room!

Making quiet a few of these for craft fairs this season....always a good seller. I buy my tins HERE. They are a little pricey on shipping so buy a lot or go into it with some others to keep costs down. I normally sell these for $5.00 each with no problems.....

I'll post a few more once I get them assembled.

Thanks for Looking -

Patter Paper - K&CO
Kraft Cardstock (tag) - SU!
Word Stamps (tag) - PaperTrey Ink - Mega Mixed Messages Set
Candy - Hershey Nuggets - Milk Chocolate and Almonds
Ribbon - Joann's
Hemp String - Michael's
Tree Stamp - SU!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Snowman Paint Cans

Hi there -
I totally cased these from Andrea Walford HERE. (Scroll down a bit.) Thought they would be great for gift giving this year. May make them for the craft fairs if I can find the acrylic paint cans fairly cheap again. In the past I bought them from Oriental Trading Co. and they are pretty reasonable. Set of 6 cans for $10.00 + shipping. But they are out of stock a lot. So, if you want some...better get them while you can!

Thanks for looking -

Thursday, September 17, 2009

HO HO HO! I know....a tad early!

Hi There - Quick post tonight...want to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight! I know...I know...but it's like a car wreck! You gotta stop and look! My DD says they are a "Hot Mess!" :)

Anyhoo - Working on some items for the Shoebox Swap on the 3rd. Needed some cute bags to place some "special" prizes in and decided I would make my own instead of buying. It's hard to see on the picture, but all of the paper is "glittery" - is that a word? Looks really cute in real life.....might try to make a few for the craft shows too. Might make a nice set to have the bag with a matching card....hmmmmm (that is me thinking)

These are Santa Hershey Bars.....quick little treat to put in any stocking! And duh...can you say Chocolate???!!! They were big sellers at the craft fairs last year too...everyone is always looking for unique items for stocking stuffers! Sold them for $2.00....will probably sell for the same this year. You could also personalize them on the white band at the bottom!

Thanks for looking -

Recipe: Santa Bags and Hershey Bars
Bags - Hobby Lobby - 3/$1.00
Red Cardstock - Real Red - SU!
Black Cardstock - (belt) Bazzill Bling - not sure of name
Grey Cardstock - (buckle) - Bazzill Bling - not sure of name
White Glitter Cardstock - Hobby Lobby
Scallop Border Punch - SU!
Gift Tag - Christmas Punch Stamp Set (Hostess) - SU!
Hemp Twine

Monday, September 14, 2009

SCORED BIG (not what you're thinking either!)

Hi there....
Just wanted to post a new awesome deal! Was browsing Kerry's Blog (HERE) and she had a post of places that she goes for some of her supplies. BTW - Kerry has an awesome blog...spend a few minutes there! of the items on her list was red sticky tape. I use so much of it for my 3D and altered projects, that I thought I would check it out.

This is what I got for $7.50 (on left) and this is what I normally pay $2.99 for! (right) SCORE!

That is 36 big, beautiful yards of love baby! Ends up being .26/yard (that includes shipping) compared to .60/yard! Even when I get the other tape on sale, this is still a better deal! I can't tell the difference in the quality yet, but will let you know if I see any changes in the product once my projects "settle".

Here is the place to go! Confessions of A Ribbon Addict. Jody has a great blog too, so plan to spend some time looking around! Shipping was super quick too....ordered on Friday and received it today/Monday!

Have a great night!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Stamped Candles

Hi There! TGIF! Whew! What a Loooooooonnnnnng week!

Anyhoo...thought that I would post some candles that I have been playing around with this week. I have seen these all over SCS times, but thought they were more complicated than they actually are! Look HERE for more ideas on SCS.

My favorites are the candles I made that that look like poinsettia's (did I spell that right?). Totally cased it from HERE on SCS. Also love the idea of putting your child's hand-print and signature on the candle for Grandparents. My mom would LUV it!

If you wanna make some of your is the LINK to the turtorial on SCS. So easy and great gifts. I added the stickles and jewel brads after I was done heating them. I also packaged them in a plastic treat bag with assorted ribbon and a little matching gift tag, in case they will be used for gifts. Gonna see how they do at my first of four Craft Fairs this year...may have to make more! (cross your fingers!)

Candle sizes:
Scroll and tall poinsettia - 3" x4"
Snowman with Birds - 2" x 2"
Poinsettia and Snowman - 3" x 3"

Thanks for looking -

Candles - all came from Hobby Lobby (scroll is a vanilla scented candle I found in the Christmas stuff - it smells great!)
Stamps - all from SU!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magnetic Calendars

Hi there -
You know how you always get those "crummy" little magnetic calendars from the bank or your credit card company that are really kind of lame? I found that these are a great replacement....and they did well last year at the craft fairs. Great to give to a co-worker, in a basket for the neighbors or in a stocking. These are pretty much like the desktop calendars except for the magnet on the back instead of the binder clip.

Check this POST for more information on the calendars and coasters.

I will be packaging them this year, since they got a little beat up last year with all of the handling. Thought I could either hang them on the wire shelving in my booth or place them in a basket. Not sure of the layout for the booth yet...seems to change every time I do one!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Desktop Calendars

Hi There!
I made these a month or so ago, but couldn't post till I found a battery for my camera! FINALLY found one this have been busy editing all day!

I will be selling these again this year at my craft fairs. They did really well last year. The only difference this year is that I bought the larger calendars which are 3" x 2-1/4" . The small ones were difficult to get off of the base once the month was over. Bought my calendars HERE. The base is made from blank coasters - I use the 3.5" size because I don't like the bigger ones on my desk. Bought my coasters HERE. I use the heavy weight for the extra stability. The binder clips I bought at Staples. They are the large (2") clips that come in boxes of 12. I always use my scraps on these...great way to make a dent in that never-ending pile!

I think that I will also be using these for stocking stuffers this year. I am always trying to find something that is "usable" - I hate random crap that I can't use! Although chocolate is always a great option - Right?

Thanks for looking -

Coasters - Blockhead stamps - link above
Binder Clips - Staples
Ribbon, Brads and Paper - Scraps from my stash
Pre-Printed Calendars - Skybluepink - link above

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Book Thongs! Yeah I know......

Hi There!
Was looking for a quick gift for some "book worm" friends of mine and decided to make a few Book Thongs for them. I made these last year for a craft fair and they sold like crazy! Gonna make a few more for this year and hope they do well again....

My camera battery is dead, so the pictures that I took today are being held hostage....these are the pictures of the ones I made last year and never posted. You can get an idea of what they look like. Once I get my battery charged, I'll post the new ones!

If you are interested in the tutorial for these, send me an email: and I will get you a copy of the word document that I found. Can't figure out how to attach to this.....something is wonky....probably me!

I think everyone bought them for the poem......ok with me!

Thanks for looking-
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