Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jr. Legal Pad Covers - File Folder

Hi there!
Been working on replenishment of the items that I sold from my last show and a couple new things that I am pretty excited about!

These are Jr. Legal Pads that I found at Walmart (6 for $2.50 ish) and file folders that I bought at Staples. (12 for $8.00) You can also find some single folders at Michael's and Walmart, but I liked the colors on the ones from Staples better.

Got the tutorial for these HERE. They are super easy! Once you make a couple, you can whip one out in about 15 minutes! Will add some beaded pens with them....but haven't decided how I will attach them to the folder or pad yet. If you are curious about the beaded pens, try HERE for the tutorial. I use the Mini Micro Beads and O' So Sticky Paperback Tape from Penny Wise Arts HERE.

If you have any questions, email me:

Thanks for Looking -

File Folders - Staples
Jr. Legal Pads - Walmart
RSVP Pens - Staples
Micro Beads, Sticky Tape - Penny Wise Arts
Velcro Squares - Hobby Lobby

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