Sunday, October 25, 2009

Recovering (still!) from yesterdays Open House/Craft Fair! I have some pictures in an album at SCS in my gallery: Sorry I didn't get a lot of too busy towards the end and forgot!

This was a Demo type vendor Open House, so no other paper crafters were there.....I was a co-host so did not put out too much stuff (kind of a dry run for me). My friend/co-host is a Longaberger consultant, so she let me borrow a bunch of her baskets for display. I only had an 8' table due to lack of space. BUT - finally added it up this morning and did a little over $200.00 in sales! I knew that I was busy, but didn't realize that I had done so well - much better than expected!!! Unfortunately...I have nothing to show for it after buying a bee-u-ti-ful Coach purse and many other things! My hubby need not know about that!

My best sellers were:
~ Desktop Calendars - $3.00
~ Covered Notepads - $3.00
~ Various Halloween Candy - $1.00(trying to get rid of it so I can move on to Christmas)
~ Altered Clothespins went like crazy - $1.00 - who knew?? Need to find a better way to display them though.
~ Covered Tic Tacs (Halloween & Breast Cancer) - $2.00
~ Stamped Candles (pumpkins sold out) - $2.00, $5.00 and $6.00
~ Post It Notes - $4.00
~ Teacher Notecard Sets - 6.00
~ Snowman Punch Card Sets - $10.00
~ Gift Card Holders - $2.00 - sold a lot of these...even the birthday ones

Now, I need to get busy on the rest of my Christmas stuff since I have 4 more shows coming up! I did have quite a few people ask for special orders for classroom treats and teacher gifts, so will see if they actually work out. Guess I will clean my house in January - right?

If you have any questions on any of the pix - let me know!
One suggestion that I have for everyone that might be in multiple shows - Get a flyer or postcard that lists all of the shows that you are in and pass them out to everyone! I even included a little coupon on the bottom of mine that they can use on their next purchase. I let you know how many of them come back to me...if you want to see my postcard, just email me:

Take Care all!
Hope everyone with sales did well this weekend!

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  1. congrats on your success! Going to check out the photos now. thanks for sharing your best selling items. It's great to see what others do. All of your stuff is VERY nice!!


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