Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Desktop Calendars

Hi There!
I made these a month or so ago, but couldn't post till I found a battery for my camera! FINALLY found one this morning.....so have been busy editing all day!

I will be selling these again this year at my craft fairs. They did really well last year. The only difference this year is that I bought the larger calendars which are 3" x 2-1/4" . The small ones were difficult to get off of the base once the month was over. Bought my calendars HERE. The base is made from blank coasters - I use the 3.5" size because I don't like the bigger ones on my desk. Bought my coasters HERE. I use the heavy weight for the extra stability. The binder clips I bought at Staples. They are the large (2") clips that come in boxes of 12. I always use my scraps on these...great way to make a dent in that never-ending pile!

I think that I will also be using these for stocking stuffers this year. I am always trying to find something that is "usable" - I hate random crap that I can't use! Although chocolate is always a great option - Right?

Thanks for looking -

Coasters - Blockhead stamps - link above
Binder Clips - Staples
Ribbon, Brads and Paper - Scraps from my stash
Pre-Printed Calendars - Skybluepink - link above


  1. I would be interested in some calendars if you have any left. How much would postage be?
    My e-mail is cheryl2275@gmail.com
    Thanks so much.

  2. When you make these do you also cover the back of the coasters and clips to give the project a finished look?


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