Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magnetic Calendars

Hi there -
You know how you always get those "crummy" little magnetic calendars from the bank or your credit card company that are really kind of lame? I found that these are a great replacement....and they did well last year at the craft fairs. Great to give to a co-worker, in a basket for the neighbors or in a stocking. These are pretty much like the desktop calendars except for the magnet on the back instead of the binder clip.

Check this POST for more information on the calendars and coasters.

I will be packaging them this year, since they got a little beat up last year with all of the handling. Thought I could either hang them on the wire shelving in my booth or place them in a basket. Not sure of the layout for the booth yet...seems to change every time I do one!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Beth,
    I am doing my very first craft fair next month and am very interested in how you will price your calendars. I may have to give them a try.


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