Monday, September 14, 2009

SCORED BIG (not what you're thinking either!)

Hi there....
Just wanted to post a new awesome deal! Was browsing Kerry's Blog (HERE) and she had a post of places that she goes for some of her supplies. BTW - Kerry has an awesome blog...spend a few minutes there! of the items on her list was red sticky tape. I use so much of it for my 3D and altered projects, that I thought I would check it out.

This is what I got for $7.50 (on left) and this is what I normally pay $2.99 for! (right) SCORE!

That is 36 big, beautiful yards of love baby! Ends up being .26/yard (that includes shipping) compared to .60/yard! Even when I get the other tape on sale, this is still a better deal! I can't tell the difference in the quality yet, but will let you know if I see any changes in the product once my projects "settle".

Here is the place to go! Confessions of A Ribbon Addict. Jody has a great blog too, so plan to spend some time looking around! Shipping was super quick too....ordered on Friday and received it today/Monday!

Have a great night!

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